Blackhead VS Whitehead – A Progression from Pimples

blackhead vs whitehead

Among the list of predominant skin disorder, Blackhead, whitehead, Acne, Acne scars and Pimples tops the list.

The reason is that they share similar formation process.

This skin disorder is closely associated with oily skin type but it does affect those with other skin types such as sensitive skin, mature skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin, etc.

What causes Pimples

Pimples occur as a result of bacteria reactions on clogged skin pores. When there is an excess production of oil by the sebum, the oil clogs the skin pores which when exposed to bacteria results to Pimple. Continue reading Blackhead VS Whitehead – A Progression from Pimples

4 Natural Treatment of Eczema You Need to Try Out


Eczema is one of the most stubborn skin disorder. It comes the most time during the puberty period and it also affects adults to a great extent.  

There are several skin care products that can be sued for fast treatment of Eczema but most of them might not suit your skin.

Most skin care products are not totally free from harmful chemicals. When used, this leads to more eczema outbreak or other skin defects.

According to Medical-4you, In America, it is estimated that 31.6 million persons are affected by eczema in one way or the other. 17.8 million of 31.6 million Americans have symptoms of atopic dermatitis. The Global Statistics show that 20% of children and 3% of the adult are affected by eczema. Continue reading 4 Natural Treatment of Eczema You Need to Try Out

How to Reduce Swelling on Face – 5 simple Effective ways

swollen cheeks and face

Nothing can be so embarrassing as having a swollen face. This is heartbreaking for ladies. A swollen face is characterized by an increase in tissues as a result of a buildup of fluids.

Most times it can be hard to notice and sometimes it can be severe and need urgent treatment. 

Whatever be the case, swelling of the face needs to be handled before it migrates to something worse. Drug reaction and tooth abscess can lead to swollen face. That’s why you have to be careful while choosing drugs to take. We advise that you visit a doctor for accurate drug prescription.

Fear not, eliminating swollen face isn’t difficult. It requires a little patience and a detailed obedience to the instruction I will be giving you. Here are the 5 Simples ways to reduce Swelling of Face. Continue reading How to Reduce Swelling on Face – 5 simple Effective ways