How to Reduce Swelling on Face – 5 simple Effective ways

swollen cheeks and face

Nothing can be so embarrassing as having a swollen face. This is heartbreaking for ladies. A swollen face is characterized by an increase in tissues as a result of a buildup of fluids.

Most times it can be hard to notice and sometimes it can be severe and need urgent treatment. 

Whatever be the case, swelling of the face needs to be handled before it migrates to something worse. Drug reaction and tooth abscess can lead to swollen face. That’s why you have to be careful while choosing drugs to take. We advise that you visit a doctor for accurate drug prescription.

Fear not, eliminating swollen face isn’t difficult. It requires a little patience and a detailed obedience to the instruction I will be giving you. Here are the 5 Simples ways to reduce Swelling of Face.

Use Skincare Products

Skin care products are essential for the fast treatment of Swollen face. It is good to select products that are made with natural ingredients such as Skin care tips types and SkinCeuticals Eye Balm Rehabilitative Emollient.

These two products contain great ingredients such as synergistic peptides, a complex of flavonoids, Vitamin E, Titanium Dioxide, Aloe vera, Vitamin A and Dimethicone.

They are suitable for all skin types including Acne-prone skin, Oily skin, Matured skin and Dry skin. They are free from harmful chemicals such as paraben, gluten and fragrance.

How to use

Wash the face with clean warm water

Apply gently and massage thoroughly on the affected areas

Apply morning and night

The Natural Remedy

This has to come first because it’s cheap and effective. Using natural ingredients in the treatment of Swollen face helps to even your skin tone while reducing the swollen face. Here are the three (3) best natural ingredients to swollen face.

Watermelon face mask and juice

Watermelon is an effective recipe because of its cooling and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. The skin thickness on the face is 0.5 mm and it needs less reactive ingredients.

It contains vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant that helps to reduce bacteria reactions on the face.

Drinking watermelon juice is also effective in the reduction of a swollen face. Watermelon is rich in Amino acid which enhances Nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide is responsible for the expansion of the blood vessels.  It also contains Vitamin B6, C and A and other minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

Taking a chilled watermelon juice every morning and evening will drastically reduce swollen face.

Egg white, lemon Juice face mask

Egg white is known for its ability to tighten the skin. Lemon juice has an antiseptic property which fights bacteria that causes eczema, ringworm, acne and swelling on the face.

How to use

Mix one ball of egg white with three (3) teaspoons of lemon

Add one (1) teaspoon of salt and mix thoroughly

Apply to the affected area and allow it to sit for 15 minutes and ensure you are lying down

Wash and pat dry

Note: If you don’t have oily skin, do not add salt. This simple remedy also removes wrinkles and fine lines

Cucumber face mask

Cucumber is rich in vitamin K and contains powerful antioxidants. Applying it as a face mask helps to restore the skin and reduce puffiness or swelling.

How to use

Wash and blend thoroughly.

Add one teaspoon of lemon

Lie down and apply it on the affected area and allow for 15 minutes

You can use a clean towel to apply it.

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